About - ACouplePuns

Once u-pun a time....

... a young gal began to speak a second language called "Pun" (if she has it her way kids will be taught whit and puns in schools someday). Even her family and friends began to encourage her ridiculous puny antics and speak this language. Before she knew it the people in her life began to share any sight of a pun too! Realizing how much people enjoy sharing puns as sentiments she began to brainstorm how to expand this little network of puny minded individuals beyond her own inbox. Coupling a love for design and laughter she began turning puns into tangible items for people to share and created ACouplePuns. 
Who knew a young female with minimal athletic ability and knowledge of the rules of football could grow up and become a professional 'Punter"?! (gotcha!) 

ACouplePuns is a source for high-quality & unique paper goods guaranteed to pack a pun-ch!

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