Blog Post Number One! 

My name is Angelica - professional punter owner of ACouplepuns. I have moved around quite a bit but am currently living and running my business in Corpus Christi, Texas. I'm not quite sure where I consider home but for me its usually where the ART is. I have always sought creative outlets for expression and am able to take it will me wherever I go. My punny business is a side project while I still work full-time in Marketing & Advertising. I'm a production manager for a full service agency giving me a front row seat to the creative process and operations that bring ideas to life ... in short I spend my entire day in an environment that cultivates creativity so it's pretty awesome!  

I started ACouplePuns the summer of 2017 with the intent of sharing my love for dad jokes and art. What I thought would be a fun hobby turned into one of the most rewarding projects I have ever started. 

What was different about this project and why did it maintin momentum?  

When telling this story in person I often share some self-deprecating humor and tell people "I recently moved to Texas where it is too hot to do anything in the summer and I had no friends... so I birthed this idea out of infinite boredom". Yes, I can thank a very hot summer (you melt outside during TX summers) and a lack of friends for giving me the space to think creatively but I should also attribute it to an enrepreneurial spirit I have had since I was a kid, a desire to make people smile, and years of experience in marketing/advertising to know how to turn an idea into something tangeable. 

My goal through ACouplePuns is to make people smile and give them a medium to share laughter. Hearing my customers tell me how they used my cards and the reaction of the recipient is why I love ACouplePuns so much and am constantly brainstorming new ideas! 

I love the design process of coming up with a wity phrase to attach to a doodle but I also thrive off of the community relationships I have built locally and via the inter-webs allowing me to share my puns and connect with fellow artists and small business owners all over our world! 

Thanks a Pun for supporting my pun ideas and helping me spread laughter one card at a time! 

- Angelica