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Keep palm and carry on in Palm Spring, CA!   You know a girls weekend is going to be a hit when you meet up in San Diego for weekend in Palm Springs and your car gets upgraded to a Mercedes convertible due to the rental company messing up your reservation.  My college girlfriends and I who are spread across the US decided to meet up in Palm Springs for a weekend of rainbows, margaritas and nostalgia. While driving to Palm Springs I noticed a large figure out in the distance and knew we had to be getting close to the dinosaurs! Yes... dinosaurs. The Cabazon Dinosaurs are a popular rode side stop for people driving to and from Palm Springs so we stopped snapped a few photos and then contunied our drive.  We stayed at The Saguaro Palm Springs inside the rainbow that it is and I found my pot of gold in a margarita pitcher (thank you El Jefe) 😊. We explored the town and captured some obligatory photos. One I was looking forward to was That Pink Door, which unfortunately has now banned photography. I had specifically designed a card knowing I’d end up at this house … yes house. When I pulled up I expected That Pink Door to be a busy tourist spot and to my surprise it was completely empty and just a normal home in Palm Springs with a vibrant pink door. The girls and I had a little too much fun in the sun and ended up staying in that evening so we could wake up and catch the sunrise in Joshua Tree Natural Park. Joshua was full of TREATs and many more photo opps for my desert inspired cards. Because I was living the dream in my Mercedes (if you know me you’d know I’d never drive something this nice) we decided to be the definition of yuppies and blast obnoxious music while driving through the park with the top down. We stumbled upon a town called Pioneer Town that looks like the set of a wild west movie. It was so early in the morning that it was completely empty and quite minus the sound of the chickens we found! That morning was amazing and I’m still on a high from it. The weekend trip was short, sweet, colorful and well worth being exhausted at work the next morning (all the way in Texas).   

Here are some photos of the trip and puns. :) 

Cabazon Dinosaurs - Card 

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That Pink Door - Card 

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Happy Camper Card 

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You Look Sharp 

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